Grace's History

The first worship service of Grace Lutheran congregation was held September 16, 1962, in the Effie Green School on Six Forks Road. Four months later, on January 20, 1963, it was organized as an official congregation of the American Lutheran Church.

On February 3, 1963, ground was broken for the first unit, our current fellowship hall. It was completed on August 4, 1963. Charter members consisted of forty-five baptized and thirty-five confirmed members.

Through the years the family of Grace Lutheran church has grown in grace and born fruit as disciples. Many have been blessed in and through the family of Grace. More…

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What Lutherans Believe

Lutherans believe that Jesus Christ is God’s Son and our Savior.

We accept the Holy Bible as the true source for knowledge about God and His Will for our salvation.

We affirm that there is One God in three persons:

  • Our Father and Creator
  • Jesus, the Son of the Father, who died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins and was raised on the third day so that we might have eternal life
  • The Holy Spirit, who brings us to faith and continues daily to remind us to remain faithful to God’s Will

We believe that Baptism is God’s way of showing us that He accepts us as His children, loves us and forgives our sins.

We affirm that the Church is the Family of Believers who are called to a new life with Christ in faith and service to God.