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Grace Memorial Garden

Grace Memorial Garden, a columbarium on the grounds of our church, is a place for the inurnment of the cremated remains of loved ones, and for reverent reflection and meditation. Permanently engraved, granite-faced niches, which can each accommodate one or two urns, may be reserved for use by current or former members of Grace Lutheran Church and their families.

Columbarium at Grace

Memorial plaques that match the faceplates on the niches can also be purchased to memorialize loved ones inurned or buried elsewhere. Niches may be reserved by payment of the prescribed cost in a lump sum or in as many installments as desired. Costs are refundable, less a service fee, if a family’s plans change. A beautifully bound Memorial Book containing biographical data of all who are inurned in Grace Memorial Garden is on display in the narthex of the church.

Grace Memorial Garden

Lutheran theology and tradition do not favor any particular form of burial over others. While traditional burial remains the predominant practice in the United States, cremation is accepted and preferred by growing numbers of Lutherans and other Christians. God’s ability to give resurrected bodies to those who bear the name of Christ cannot be stymied by any human action, including organ donation or cremation. The concern of the Church is that baptized Christians, whether they are buried or cremated, be commended to God in anticipation of the resurrection He has promised us.

Many people gain peace of mind and give a great gift to their families by predetermining whether they would like to be buried or cremated after their deaths. Planning ahead for the place of burial or inurnment, as well as the details of one’s memorial service can ensure that such matters are handled according to one’s own wishes and lift a burden from loved ones at this emotional time.

If you would like additional information about Grace Memorial Garden, please contact the Church Office.