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WELCA Newsletter – December 2017

Women of the ELCA

I cannot believe that Christmas is around the corner! I hope I am not the only one who has done very little to prepare for it. I did buy a wreath for the front door, and it looks very festive, but much more has to be done!

Save the Date for our Spring Gathering

Our Spring Gathering is definitely on for April 21st, 2018. Dottie Scott is handling the planning of the event. There will be guest speakers, bible studies, and of course food. Mark your calendars, and plan to attend.

Join us for a January Luncheon

We will again revisit meeting times after the first of the year, i.e., whether to make it earlier in the day or not. A monthly luncheon date was suggested, and approved. Our first luncheon will be held on Monday January 22nd. This will satisfy our social instincts very nicely in the middle of winter.

Upcoming Events

December 15th — WELCA Christmas Meeting and Dinner Party at 6:00 PM

Judy Grigsby will cater the dinner. Please bring some of your treasured ornaments for our table centerpieces. We and our prayer sisters will exchange gifts, and please keep the monetary value to $10.00. We’ll assemble our gift baskets and enjoy music and song, and much, much laughter. Please remember to bring in your Thank Offerings at this time.

January 24th, 2018 — Families Together Schoolbag Kickoff at 9:30 AM

Members will be gathering to sew bags for the 2018 schoolbag campaign for PLM Families Together” beginning at 9:30 AM.

April 21st, 2018 — Grace Raleigh WELCA will host the NCWELCA Spring Gathering

Things to Ponder

There is a need for those of you women with bookkeeping or accounting backgrounds (you know who you are!) to step up and donate some time to Grace. Our Finance and Counting Committees are in need of help. Neither opportunity requires much time, and previous experience is lovely but not demanded. If you are interested or know someone who might be, please let me know.

WELCA Newsletter – October 2017

Women of the ELCA

Dear Sisters in Christ, Lydia Circle,

You know, for a small congregation, we get a surprising amount of work done! I am constantly amazed at the amount of product we turn out from WELCA. Our total of school bags for PLM-FT is 100! They were sent out from Grace during October. Hurray for us!

Our recent gathering included an intriguing program on the Reformation Women, both in Great Britain and in Scandinavia. We will continue this program at our next gathering, so if you missed the first part you can catch up at the next meeting on the 14th. We will also decide what will go into the gift baskets that we have traditionally assembled at our Christmas gathering too.

Mark your calendars for our Spring Gathering on for April 21st, 2018!

Upcoming events:

  • October 28th—Meeting of Kairos Outside at Grace Raleigh. Past leaders and guests are welcome.
  • November 17-18th—Theological Seminar for Women, in Salisbury, NC. Contact Lin Gunnet if interested in attending.
  • December 12th—WELCA Christmas Meeting and Party at 6:00 PM. Judy Grigsby will cater the dinner and we will bring in treasured ornaments for the centerpieces. We and our prayer sisters will exchange gifts ($ 10 limit please)
  • January 24th, 2018—Members will be gathering to sew bags for the 2018 campaign of “schoolbags for the PLM-FT”.
  • Spring, 2018—Grace Raleigh WELCA will hold the NCWELCA Spring Gathering here at Grace. More details to follow.

WELCA Newsletter – September 2017

Women of the ELCA

Dear Sisters in Christ, Lydia Circle,

Our first meeting of the year was on Tuesday, September 19th. Thanks to our WELCA officers who are staying on for the duration of the current year. At our next gathering, on Tuesday, October 11th, we will finish up the assembly of our backpacks. Please plan to attend at 6:00PM, just before our regular meeting, for the assembly and packing.

Program for October Meeting – Focus on the Reformation

The program for the evening will illuminate the women of the Reformation for us; most interesting in light of the current anniversary year of the Reformation.

Following are some of the coming events of the year ahead:

  • October 7th, 2017—Fall Gathering of the NCWELCA at Christus Victor in Durham. Contact Lin Gunnet if interested in attending.
  • October 13-15th—All Lutheran Women’s Retreat in Fredericksburg at the Hospitality House & Conference Center.
  • October 28th—Meeting of Kairos Outside at Grace Lutheran Church. Past leaders and guests are welcome.
  • January 24th, 2018—Members will be gathering to sew bags for the 2018 campaign of schoolbags for the PLM-FT at 9:30 AM.
  • Spring, 2018 — Grace will serve as the host for the NCWELCA Spring Gathering.

Questions to ponder and discuss:

Should we revisit the idea of a daytime meeting instead of a nighttime one? Would it swell our membership?

Share Ideas!

WELCA Newsletter – August 2017

Women of the ELCA

Dear Sisters in Christ,

The first half of the summer has gone by so quickly! Some of our plans have come to pass and some not, but the season is not yet over. Watch what comes next!

WELCA Retreat – New Date – September 9th

What comes next is our annual WELCA retreat. I look forward to this event every year, and have never been disappointed. We will gather in the Fellowship Hall on Saturday September 9th at 10:00 AM for a bible study and a program. There have been a couple of really interesting topics suggested: you and I will have to wait to satisfy our curiosity that Saturday. We will have lunch and then assemble our schoolbags for the children of Families Together (PLM). The whole affair should be over by about 2:00 PM.

These schoolbags have been crafted from material donated by members of WELCA according to a pattern from the NC WELCA website. The supplies were bought with donations from our luncheon in May (more has come in since then, as well). It is amazing what peace and joy accompanies our service to others, isn’t it true?

More Upcoming Events

Two more news items and I am finished. October 13-15th the All Lutheran Women’s Retreat at the Hospitality House and Conference Center (click here for more information). We are are also very excited that Grace Lutheran will host the Spring 2018 Gathering of the NCWELCA.

Share ideas!

WELCA Newsletter – June 2017

Thank you! THANK YOU so much Grace Members! Our Backpack Fundraiser Luncheon was a marvelous example of the generous spirit that is present at Grace Lutheran Church. We served a soup, salad, and dessert lunch to 45 guests with 5 meals to go added to that count. WE RAISED $412 and are over halfway to our $700 goal to send 100 backpacks (a 45 total increase from last year) to Lutheran World Relief. If you were not able to enjoy our Fundraiser lunch, contributions will still be accepted, just contact Helen Hauser or Lin Gunnet, or mail your check to Grace Lutheran with a note for WELCA LWR backpacks, or drop your check in the Sunday offering plate by August 1st.

WELCA will not be on hiatus this summer. We will not have our usual second Tuesday of the month meetings, but we are planning several special events throughout the summer. The June and July events are scheduled with an open invitation to all Grace membership.

Come learn what is happening and get new insight into the world of textiles. Monday, June 12th, we will meet in the Grace parking lot at 9:45am to carpool to the NCSU campus to take a tour led by our very own textile guru, Pete Hauser. Pete will lead a guided tour through the world of textiles, textile engineering, and nonwovens. “NC State’s Nonwovens Institute is home to the world’s first and only accredited academic program for interdisciplinary study of engineered fabrics.” Check out the web link at www. textiles.ncsu.edu for more background information prior to our tour to learn about the fantastic new products we use everyday that are designed, developed, and created right here in Raleigh. We will then carpool to the State Farmers Market Restaurant for lunch. Bring a friend, a spouse, a child, or a grandchild for this fantastic learning experience.

In July we are scheduling a trip to New Hill, North Carolina for a ride on the New Hope Railway and a tour of the railway Museum. Check out their website at www.triangletrain.com. Please join us for some summer fun.

SAVE THIS DATE: August 12, 2017, WELCA will host a Women’s retreat from 10am-2pm in the Fellowship Hall at Grace Lutheran. Lunch will be included. Women of all ages are invited, so please join us and bring a friend. Details will be posted as soon as our program speakers are confirmed and agenda completed.

Blessings to you all,

Lin Gunnet, WELCA President

WELCA Newsletter – May 2017

Women of the ELCA

Dear Sisters in Christ,

Happy Mothers’ Day! Hope your day was a happy one, surrounded by the people who love you the most, and whom you love the most. Where there is love there is forgiveness, and as mothers we depend on that forgiveness from our children as we get older! Where there is love, mistakes in parenting melt away, depend on it! Our May meeting was held on Tuesday May 9th, and there were nine women present. We planned our activities for the upcoming summer months.

Fundraising Luncheon – May 21

Plans have been finalized for the luncheon on May 21st. This is a fundraiser for our school supply backpack project. If you were at church on Sunday May 7th you saw for yourselves the backpacks made by members of WELCA on the backs of the chairs in the sacristy. They will be filled in August with school supplies. We need your donations to help fill the bags. There is no cost for the lunch, but donations will be very welcome. Our backpack assembly is going very well; at meeting time there were 90 made already and Helen and Lin were predicting at least 10 more by August, when we will get together to pack them up. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Human Trafficking – Making A Difference in Our Community

Worthy of mention here is a bill to be brought up in the NC House of Representatives regarding human trafficking. House Bill 910 is close to our hearts since it focuses on one of our outreach ministries. The bill would create a pilot program to train law enforcement officers, educate children, and appropriate funds for providing aid to victims of human trafficking.

You can read the full text of the bill at North Carolina General Assembly website We hope that after you read it that you will be moved to contact your State House and Senate Members to voice your support for the legislation. It is hard to believe that such things go on in the modern world; we should be so much more evolved than this. Let your voice and will be heard to bring about change.

Summer WELCA Activities at Grace

July 29 – Family outing on the New Hope Valley Railway

If you are interested in a great ride back in time to when railroads were brand new and the biggest things in technology, please contact Lin Gunnet or Dottie Scott for information.

August 12 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM – WELCA Retreat

We will gather in the Fellowship Hall for bible study, an interesting program, and assembly of our 100+ schoolbags.

Additional Activities – Summer 2017

June 23-25th, 2017 – NC Women of the ELCA 30th Annual Gathering at Lenoir-Rhyne College

July 13-16th, 2017 – Tenth Triennial Gathering at the Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, MN. Registration is open!

October 13-15, 2017 – All Lutheran Women’s Retreat in Fredericksburg, VA at the Hospitality House and Conference Center.

Looking Ahead – Grace will be hosting the Spring 2018 Gathering of the NCWELCA– Stay tuned for the details.

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